About CCGIS Map™

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In a continued effort to provide leading technologies and high quality services to our clients and the oil and gas industry, C&C Technologies, Inc. (C&C) has developed CCGIS Map™.  CCGIS Map™ is a free on-line Geographic Information System (GIS) viewer.  CCGIS Map™ displays oil and gas leases, pipelines, wells, platforms, MMS blocks and areas, fairways, NOAA obstructions, etc. provided directly from governmental and other sources.  CCGIS Map™ is not C&C's internal and proprietary GIS (CCGIS Pro™).

The experience of this on-line tool provides C&C's clients and registered users with a visualization of the Gulf of Mexico's federal waters and its oil and gas infrastructure for general informational and viewing purposes.  As an added benefit, tropical systems are tracked in near real-time as they relate to an operator's properties allowing them to track the storms path in relation to their facilities.

CCGIS Map™ is not to be used as a substitute for a hazard survey or a diligent search and review of all data available.  Users must read and agree to the terms of use prior to utilizing the system.  Users requiring more detailed information can contact C&C for mapping services utilizing our comprehensive and proprietary GIS (CCGIS Pro™) or survey services utilizing our skilled personnel and state of the art survey equipment.

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